In December 2018, a Russian federal law was passed which stipulates that drugs introduced to the Russian market from July 1, 2020 must be serialised with a crypto-code. In contrast to EU serialisation, this requirement affects all drugs and not only prescription drugs.

Lichtenheldt is currently adapting to the additional requirements and will provide the corresponding technical implementation in software and hardware in time. Products that are sold to Russia can be labelled in accordance with the new requirements and in due time.

Lichtenheldt will also meet the requirements for the aggregation of serialised products, which includes aggregation into cartons and further aggregation of cartons at pallet level in time.

Lichtenheldt is also working with its partners arvato systems and Wipotec-OCS for the Russian serialisation. Via the interface of the arvato serialisation software an easy integration of other serialisation providers of our customers is possible.