Our Histrory

Our business vision to develop into the favourite contract manufacturer for pharmaceuticals and healthcare products accompanies us for decades with continuous improvements regarding quality, technology and infrastructure.


Foundation by the pharmacist Johann Nikolao Lichtenheldt in Meuselbach/German Federal State of Thuringia.


The product range already included 288 products, which were exported to Europe, North America, Australia and India.


After the Second World War the family Lichtenheldt was menaced of expropriation by the Red Army and fled with the prescription books and valuable equipment items for drug production to Wahlstedt in Schleswig-Holstein. This was the beginning of a new production company named “Lichtenheldt KG – Chemisch-Pharmazeutische Fabrik” on the site of an abandoned naval base. Medicinal tinctures, distillates, water drops, snuff powder and tablets (commissioned at that time) were marketed by the company directly. A large number of own brands, approvals of traditional medicines belonged to the product portfolio.


Acquisition of the business by family Hans-Joachim Eisele. With 12 employees, a number of registered products and a variety of ideas, he took over the Pharmaceutical Manufactory, attained one of the first GMP certifications by the Schleswig-Holstein Health Authority in 1985 and transformed the business model from a pharmaceutical entrepreneur with his own drug approvals towards a pharmaceutical contractor and developer for the Pharmaceutical industry.


Construction of a new second production facility in Wahlstedt. The first certification according to DIN ISO 9001 was obtained. Large volumes of disinfectants for the hospital hygiene market and semi-solid dosage forms supplemented the existing pure Liquida product range. In 2003, DIN ISO 13485 was certified for medical devices.


DIN ISO 9001 certification

2000 bis heute

In the following years, premises, laboratory, warehouse, administration and production were expanded according to the GMP standard.

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