Minister of Health visits Lichtenheldt

On the occasion of the planned development of a medical care center in Wahlstedt, representatives of the state of Schleswig-Holstein paid a short visit to the town of Wahlstedt, the investor and our company on April 26, 2022. Dr. Heiner Garg, Minister for Social Affairs, Health, Youth, Family and Senior Citizens, showed great interest in [...]

2022-05-02T10:24:23+02:002. May 2022|

CPhI 2021 in Milan

As an exhibitor at this year's CPhI trade show in Milan, we were pleased to have personal contact with numerous visitors and interested parties. Intensive discussions with business partners as well as high-quality consultations on our service portfolio with potential customers underline the success of this trade fair. Already now we are looking forward to [...]

2021-11-17T11:08:47+01:0017. November 2021|

Update COVID-19!

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic Lichtenheldt has played a key role as a system-relevant company, because the production of alcoholic disinfectants requires our special expertise in manufacturing under explosion-protected conditions. Currently, Lichtenheldt produces about half of all products under explosion-protected conditions. The capacities are currently being used to the maximum. Modern production facilities [...]

2020-09-04T16:21:10+02:004. September 2020|

Current communication on COVID-19!

Lichtenheldt reacts to the Corona-Virus In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lichtenheldt, the responsible authorities assigned Lichtenheldt a considerable importance in the fight against the virus. Being a renowned pharmaceutical contract manufacturer for liquid and semi-solid forms, we are one of the system-relevant companies in Northern Germany helping to minimize the effect of the [...]

2020-04-06T10:06:12+02:006. April 2020|
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